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Civilian media can help small to medium businesses use the latest digital marketing tactics to grow their businesses, building better relationships between companies and their customers. And if you’re B2B or nonprofit, we’ll find you or build you a revenue generating audience.

get started on an analysis of your platform, strategy, audience or marketing plan.
if you're a nonprofit, let's talk fundraising!

we specialize in setting up daily execution that is
sustainable and generates revenue or business goals.
Digital Strategy
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Digital For Small Business

Tactical Advertising Package

New to sophisticated digital tactics? Let us help with a spcial marketing package, including Outbound Email to 50,000 targeted email addresses, plus Lead Generation and Retargeting.
Just $2,150.

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core tactics & expertise

Digital Strategy

Accomplish your business goals with a plan that best utilizes the most current digital tools.


Everything starts with words: Instagram posts, podcasts, or broadcast commercials. Nothing can be done without great content.


You need to drive traffic, force exposure, be seen. Whether it's ad words, merchant center, or more blog posts. Get more engaged eyeballs.

Social Strategy & Execution

Editorial calendaring, social media marketing, choosing channels. Make it more efficient.

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Grow it, reach it, engage it, sell to it, develop new ones. We'll help you with all those things.


Peer to peer, celebrity, thought leadership. We'll decide what you need and what works for your brand or business.


No matter what anyone says, email is still the most basic, powerful, and cost-effective tactic. We'll write, design it, deploy it, and measure it

Native, Programmatic, and Retargeting

Put your content wherever your audience is. We'll decide if the budget for these sophisticated tactics will improve your ROI.


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Team Member

Eric Holden


About me

Digital media, digital marketing, social media, content marketing… however you refer to it, it’s imperative that you get it right. Whether you’re a business looking to grow, a brand looking for an audience, an Instagram influencer who wants more leverage, or a nonprofit looking for all of the above, I can help. I’ve raised millions in donations for nonprofits, produced influencer YouTube videos, ranked #1 on Twitter as measured by Nielsen, driven millions in app downloads, and, of course, built revenue models that work, are sustainable, and lead to double digit growth.

Although all strategy and consultation is led by me, I have a lot of help. That way, whatever we plan, we can execute it as well.

Ideas are easy, execution is hard! Thanks for reading,

Eric Holden